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An ancient history and a vision projected towards the future

The ambitious mission of the owner of Poggio Santa Maria, Dr. Massimiliano Marchetti, is to enhance every single note and expression that comes from the deep roots and strong character of the territory to which the company belongs, representing with its products, a lifestyle, a value for the environment and a deep passion for origins. The newly created Cantina wants to become a beacon that illuminates its territory!

My beloved grandfather Vittorio, who came from a peasant family, was a landowner and founded the “Marchetti” company which mainly produced wine and wheat, always aiming for quality to win on the market. Then came the years in which modernity seemed to reside in the city and in industry, and then my grandfather, to offer my father, now a teenager, the best opportunities for education and professional achievement, decided to move his family to Rome. 

My father gradually entered the new context of life, abandoned agriculture altogether, graduated in pharmacy and started working first in the pharmaceutical industry, later as a pharmacy owner and, later, as a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Then I arrived, who followed in my father’s footsteps, but, at the same time, thanks to the very deep emotional bond with my grandfather, I began to feel the awakening of my deepest roots, linked to this wonderful land. After the degree in pharmacy, I obtained the degree in medicine and the specialization in surgery; in the meantime, I have gained more and more awareness that I wanted to live here and that I wanted to give new life to my grandfather’s company.

Tradition and sustainability

Now all my energy and my time are divided between my profession as a surgeon in the hospital and the farm. My guiding principles are, on the one hand, the rediscovery of traditions and, for example, the old vines and the ancient varieties of wheat, on the other hand, attention to the territory and the practice of sustainable agriculture with the conversion to organic farming, based on the search for best practices. Only from a healthy land can quality products be produced. Our wines, oil and wheat aim for excellence and as little environmental impact as possible.
The construction of the cellar responded to these principles also from the landscape point of view and in the choice of materials. In short, my ideal is that of an agriculture that combines an ancient heart and methods that aim at a holistic vision based on sustainability and circularity so that our wonderful land can give its best.